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Remembrance Votive Candle Instructions Those attending our Sunday Discipleship Session will receive a votive candle. At our baptism, disciples are given the light of Christ. The light is to be kept burning brightly, as Christ enlightens disciples in baptism Jesus guides us through darkness by enkindling the flame of faith alive in our hearts. A candle is also a prayer. When we light a votive candle with an intention, the flame and smoke that rise up, are a reminder of our prayer rising to heaven. The intention of the prayer lasts as long as the candle burns. (That’s why we have votive candles in church which we can burn with an intention… more on that next week.)

1. Place your votive candle in a prominent place in your home.

2. Light the candle at a specific time when you/ your family are home for the intention of a deceased loved one who was a great example of a disciple.

3. Pray an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be for the deceased loved ones each day during the month of November. Place their names on a piece of paper next to your prayer area.

4. Consider taking a family field trip to visit a cemetery where a loved one is buried. Pray at the grave of your loved one.

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