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Discipleship Program for Parents and Young Disciples

Parents / Guardians

+ You are the first teachers of the faith to your children, our program is going to help you do that. Sunday Program + Parents / Guardians will attend Mass with their children.

+ Parents / Guardians will have an opportunity to share their own faith experiences, struggles, concerns as well as deepening their own faith.

+ Parents / guardians will learn about their own discipleship and how Jesus is working in their life. Monday Program

+ Parents / Guardians will have a regular opportunity to bring their children for prayer in church. The first 15 minutes will be a prayer experience for children and their parents / guardians together.

 + Parents / Guardians will also learn what their children are learning, and how to support the lesson at home.

Young Disciples

+ Young Disciples need support to grow in the faith and to recognize the Holy Spirit at work in their lives. The Discipleship Program will help you know why Jesus loves you, and why you need to allow Jesus into your life


Sunday Program

+ Young Disciples will attend Mass with their family

 + Young Disciples will learn a specific  trait of being a disciple of Jesus, with their Family. Then they will break out into age appropriate groups to talk about how to grow as a disciple.

Monday Program

 + Young disciples will attend a prayer experience with their parent/guardian. +Young disciples will be dismissed after the prayer experience into Grade appropriate classes to learn about our faith and Jesus.

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